Responsible Care
Responsible Care

The 'Responsible Care Program' is the worldwide chemical industry's commitment to continual improvement in all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment performance and to openness in communication about its activities and achievements.

National chemical industry associations are responsible for the detailed implementation of Responsible Care in their countries. Each Responsible Care Program now incorporates eight fundamental features.

The last feature, verification, was incorporated into the program in 1996 by the International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA) which oversees 'Responsible Care'. The individual countries' 'Responsible Care' programs are at different stages of development and have different emphases. The associations' reports reflect this variety and show how CEFIC co-ordination assists in the cross-fertilization of ideas and best practice.

8 Features of the Program:

  • Commitment to guiding principles
  • Public input and communication
  • Best practices of codes / guidance
  • Performance reporting
  • Mutual assistance and experience sharing
  • Investment of all
  • Logo protection
  • Verification