The Organik Group's history dates back to 1924, when the first company was founded under the name of Elkasan, a company trading chemicals from reputable global sources.

The company, under the name of Organik Kimya was founded in 1965 in Bomonti, Istanbul and its main focus was on the production of polymer emulsions and specialty chemicals. The Company relocated in 1978 to Kemerburgaz.

The first investment as Organik Kimya was a 6.000 tons capacity plant. Over the years, with ambition to grow, the production capacity reached 120.000 tons per year by 2007. Today Organik Kimya is exporting its products in 80 countries, to more than 2000 customers and is one of the leading polymer manufacturers in the region.

In addition to the Istanbul plant, the plant in Rotterdam, with a capacity of 80.000 tons per year came on stream in 2007, enabling the Organik Kimya to supply the western hemisphere from two key locations. Istanbul, being a very important location of economics and logistics is the base of operations. Rotterdam plant, resides in the huge Botlek chemical complex on Rotterdam Harbor. Both plants are identical in the way they operate, enabling the production processes and quality assurance to be run and optimized simultaneously.

ATR Chemicals, based in Balerna Switzerland, since 2004 is also a chemical company member of the Organik Kimya Group, focusing on developing and producing adhesives and cleaning agents for printing surfaces.